Warrant Officer Recruiting Vacant
Bldg 688, RM 255 Forbes Field Topeka, KS 66619
Office: (785) 646-3682


Officer Strength Manager Vacant
Bldg 688, RM 242 Forbes Field Topeka, KS 66619
Office: (785) 646-3681
Cell: (785) 220-0430


Bldg 688, RM 242 Forbes Field Topeka, KS 66619
Office: (785) 646-3684
Cell: (785) 861-3993


AMEDD Recruiting MAJ Zhang, X Feng
Bldg 688, RM 102 Forbes Field Topeka, KS 66619
Office: (785) 646-3683
Cell: (785) 213-9132
Recruiting Headquarters
Bldg 688, Forbes Field
P.O. Box 19086
Topeka, KS 66619-0086


Warrant Officers Technical & Tactical Experts

Warrant officers are technical and tactical experts. They are considered to be the best of the best in their field. Following the warrant officer path means you would be critical to administering and executing plans, as well as being the leader officers and enlisted personnel look to for advice and direction. Specialized training prepares you to be a technical and tactical expert in your concentration and an effective leader, instructor and advisor to both subordinates and commanders who depend on you. With over 40 different tech warrant specialties, you will likely have options to select from based on your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty, or the job you do in the Guard.) Whichever warrant officer career direction you choose, you'll be on a path to higher rank, increased responsibility and authority, and greater pay and benefits.
Download PDF WO Application Guide // Download PDF KSARNG Warrant Officer Strength Maintenance Program

Officer Strength Manager Assists Officers Enter the KSARNG

The Officer Strength Manager works with Officers in the IRR, other states and Officers who have resigned from the military but want to come back in. They help Officers complete their packets and oversee their entire process. Download PDF Army National Guard Strength Maintenance Program

OSM Officer Monitors Officers Leaving the KSARNG

The OSM Officer works with Officers leaving the KSARNG. They sometimes assist Officers with exit interviews and transition out of the military and into the IRR. The OSM can evaluate trends and shortfalls in the officer ranks and report to G1 or to the TAG.

AMED Officer KSARNG Medical Department

As a medical professional, you will ensure that Soldiers receive the best healthcare possible on and off the battlefield. Enjoy extra benefits, too. The Guard offers a bonus and/or student loan assistance for almost every specialty in the medical field.
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