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When you join the Army National Guard, you earn a competitive salary for your part time service. You are additionally eligible to receive other compensations and benefits such as enlistment bonuses, reenlistment bonuses, college funding and incentive pay. In addition to earning a monthly Army National Guard paycheck, you may qualify for an Enlistment Bonus. The Army National Guard offers over 300 different job skills. In addition to the pay you will receive for weekend drills and annual training, some Guard members are eligible for additional "special duty pay." This could be for aviation duty, hazardous duty, like airborne, or it could just be an affiliation bonus. Earn while you serve your country.

The National Guard offers excellent pay, whether it's your first job or the next phase in your military career. Your earnings depend on your rank, your job and even your education level. The higher you go, the more you make.

Every day you serve, you'll be adding even more to your paycheck. Take a look at all the different ways you'll earn with the Guard:

  • Active Duty Pay - During training or any time you're deployed
  • Drill Pay - Two days, one weekend per month
  • Annual Training Pay - Two weeks every year
  • Enlisted and Officer Pay - Move up in rank and watch your paychecks get bigger-and make even more as a Guard officer. See how much you could be making every month.



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