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Kansas Army National Guard Pay

Kansas Army National Guard Pay

You can expect to earn excellent pay as a Army National Guard Soldier. Specific pay level will be determined by your rank and years in service. The higher you go, the more you make. And the more time you serve, the more you earn.

Simply put, you will be paid for every day you serve. This includes all time spent in training. You drill approximately two days a month, with two weeks of Annual Training each year. You are considered to be on Active Duty during job skill and Annual Training, and paid accordingly.

Weekend drill provides training on many different levels, and may take place at your local armory or another designated location. Areas covered include job-specific training, weapons qualification, physical fitness, equipment maintenance and more.

Specific length and timing of any additional training depends on your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). If you have dependents, you may also qualify for an additional housing allowance. More good news: You will pay income tax only on your base pay—any upgrades or bonuses received while serving overseas are exempt, meaning this money all comes straight to you.

You earn Active Duty pay any time you're deployed for any reason.